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Patch update

Still Nokia 6 TA 1021 didn't get April month security patch update. Kindly update this.

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Bro they cast 2017 model

It hasn't been released yet for the Nokia 6 2017,

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hello, this month's security update will not be for the Nokia 62017 and Nokia 5, as the update was released on Android 8.1. I suppose it will add to the security update in May.
If it like that mean that they not comited to monthly security like they said for Nokia brand..

Do you have a link to that source? First I've heard of that.

The 8.1 update I received had the March security update so it does need the April patch. Normally, though, it takes Nokia until the latter half of the month so I am not concerned.

Seems to be rolling out now for Nokia 6 variants,

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