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OZO audio recording distorts at high gain volumes on the Nokia 7 Plus


I would like further opinions and actual test please, from what i've seen the microphones on the 7 plus distort when it gets really loud (not like the old Lumia)

here's an example of the normal

here's distorted when it gets loud:

do people believe it's wrong does anyone manage to record loud music without distortion with the Nokia 7 PLus please?

thank you!

I am disappointed about audio recording. Maybe it is because the mics aren't able to record high volumes and OZO is just software. Nokia 8 Sirocco has 3 AOP (acoustic overload point) mics and these are able to record without distortion up to 132dB. It looks like N7Plus doesn't have these mics.

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thank you

are you sure the Nokia 8 Sirocco have that 3 AOP (acoustic overload point) mics? and that the microphones are indeed different than the ones on the Nokia 7 plus? where did you find this information please?

It's actually good news because the Sirocco might actually have better audio recording then!

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