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Double tap not working properly

When mobile laydown on table or on bed double tap not working properly. If I want to see notifications I have to pick mobile in hand and than double tap. Also I face problem in working with other features when mobile is not in hand

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there's another thread regarding this as well. do you also have a glass protector? Someone said that's the reason

Do you have a screen protector/glass on?

I have already started a thread on this issue and this problem is not just with double tap to wake, it's much more than that. 

Link to main thread:

@hsn i read your thread. First I take off screen protector and then I give feedback for problem

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#ravi, so do you have the screen protector on at the moment or you are having problems without it?

Double tap is working for me. The screen lights up and shows time and notifications. (that there is a mail from this forum in this case) (TA1043/8.1/no screen protection)

Facing Problem with screen protector But some time it's work fine.
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