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Screen not rotating after 8.1 update

Is anyone else not able to rotate to landscape mode after 8.1 update?

Tech Wizard

Settings > Display v Advanced = Is Auto-rotate screen on or off?

Tech Wizard

Pull down the notifications tab and you can see the Screen orientation option. Change it from 'Portrait' to 'Auto-rotate'.

aware, that is the problem, not working. 

No Problem Here.
Did you do a factory reset upon upgrading? Was working totally fine on 8.0, then stopped on 8.1 update.

Is anyone else having issues with the screen rotation toggle not working after the 8.1 update? If it appears to be working for most, will try a factory reset, but want to confirm it's not a bug first. Please let me know, thanks.

Are there any news to this?  Is factory reset the solution?

I have the exact same issue (but on a Nokia 5 ) 

Same here. I told this to Nokia support. They told me to press the power and vol up button simultaneously for 20sec...worked fine for a few minutes and then again back to the same state...I installed a third party app to deal with this

same issue here. screen won't auto rotate even if the option has been enabled. any solution yet?

Try performing the G-sensor test. Dial the code: * # * # 372733 # * # * and click on the G Sensor test in the menu. If the test does not work, it is a HW problem and should be taken to a service center.

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Many thanks!

I tried dialing the code you mentioned and it failed on the G Sensor Test, while other tests seems to be ok.

Actually screen not rotating can be temporarily solved by restarting the phone. But after awhile the problem came back. Should i try the code and test the g sensor when the same problem re-occurrs?

Hello user1519717847860, you can try safe mode. This eliminates the impact of the installed apps on the screen rotation. Sure, you can test the G sensor using the above procedure. Safe mode:

Just to summarize my experience.

Rebooting the phone, which coincided with the June 2018 security patch level, solved the problem. The screen rotation happens automatically and also the G sensor test mentioned above is working. All these even 24 hours after the reboot.

I want to mention here that the only applications that I used in this time period is just GMail and Chrome.

So I conclude that probably some application is misbehaving.

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