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Random auto reboot, continuously


Did anyone encounter that the phone auto reboot on and off, continuously for numerous time after the update to Oreo 8.1?

I notice it happen to me when the phone was automatically updating the apps.

Happen randomly but once it starts, the restart will happen for a lot of time, within the span for 30mins.

The system seems to be not responding when i try to use it, after the reboot. Then it will freeze then reboot again.

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Tech Wizard

The phone must not auto reboot, regardless of OS version.

I suggest first consider that a poor quality or defective SD memory card, or a defective SIM card can cause reboots.

Next, please make sure to backup all personal files and try a factory reset of the phone. Claim the warranty and have the phone inspected by a technician if you can't sort it out yourself?


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