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i have recently buyed the nokia 6, but the phone had too much lags even after the update free formats.... noticed that processor is lowest, i request to call back all nokia phones and exchange with nokia 6 2018

The 8 core Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 in the 6 is certainly not "the lowest". Suggesting that as a justification for a product recall is utterly absurd, in my opinion. The product was clearly advertised as using that processor; and the updated model has been public knowledge for some time. It was your choice to buy the 2017 model, rather than waiting for the 2018 model.

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Tech Wizard

Yeah, It was a 2017 model phone and 2018 model was launched recently.

2017 models works just find for basic use including light gaming !

When i am buying there is no new model launched.. buying after 3 days it was launched ....2018 model... I need exchange for my mobile...

If you just bought it 3 days ago, get a refund from the store and buy the 2018 model instead?

The Snapdragon 430 is still considered a midrange chip so odds are the only noticeable compromises you'll come across in day to day use are with gaming.

I dnt get refund . In the bil ut already men no returns.... Nokia had to help me out .......

In that case I think the best you can do is sell the device and pay whatever difference there might be to buy the 2018 version.

The 2017 model is a great device that got good reviews, Nokia didn't do anything wrong here so I don't think they'll be able to help.

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