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It is now widely believed that Nokia as a company is back, creating fresh devices with pure android experience. The community is growing rapidly and many are looking to get some support and assistance with their new Nokia devices. It would be my honour to initiate a better community support system to aid the forums and the Nokia subreddit. A Discord server has been created keeping in mind the needs of the community. Many of the /r/Nokia subreddit moderators have joined. The server was made public only yesterday and people have already had real-time support from mods and geeks. It would be a great aid to the community to have their concerns looked at in real-time and would also ease the burden on the forums. It would be my honour to invite the official Nokia members and forum moderators to the server. This will help create a better bond with the community and give the already trusted brand a little more love. I hope the authorities will look into the matter and do what's best for the community and for Nokia. Here's the server link: . Invite your friends over and help the server grow...wink
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Please do join the link given above
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