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Need nokia apps

Hai nokia... am a huge nokia fan.... but we dont like the stock android experience in new nokia devices. It just spoiles the beauty of nokia.... bring apps of yours for music and gallery and so on... like samsung and other devices.. Because of stock android we sadly gave up on nokia device which we bought with joy.... Thank u

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No, we don't need bloatware. Many people choose Nokia specifically because it does not waste precious space with needless garbage. Stock Android includes both a music player (Google Play Music) and photo gallery app (Google Photos). People who don't like those are free to choose something else from the Play Store. I would give up on Nokia if they started filling up space with bloatware. Additionally, such bloatware is basically prohibited by Google on devices in the Android One program, which Nokia have firmly committed to.
Chinese varient have them . I wish we could have them at least from Plsystore. Nokia apps are so lightweight

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I'd prefer HMD/Nokia alternatives to the Google apps, but it's true, since the phones are in the Android One programme I doubt it's permitted to have other software.

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