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Why the fingerscanner at back?

See Nokia is known for its new features,an extraordinary metal. So why to copy the fingerscanner as it is with rest of the smartphones. I liked it when the scanner was at front. Try to make a new way of positioning the device's finger scanner at some other place . But not at the back panel... See I phone n recently launched Xperia XA1.One has face recognition and other has at right side with both scanner n power button combined.... I hope my new topic ll be worth of positioning or designing a new way of unlocking the smartphone

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If you want to play the small bezel game...your only option is a scanner on the back... consumer's don't want a huge chin on their phone anymore..get used to it...the masses have spoken.

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No good idea. Honesty, I've been a fan of Integrated FP Scanner Power Button since it was introduced by Nextbit in Robin Smartphone. A brilliant and useful piece of minimalism. I'd love to see Nokia doing that. And if Nokia does that it doesn't totally qualify as 'copying' because I think that simplicity in design runs in that companies' veins, I want Nokia to promote that design. Atleast got green light from me.

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finger scanner at back is not always good because if you are using phone bed then always you have to lift the phone for scanning but products like iPhone of apple support have finger scanning at the front is good because without lifting the phone you can use the phone.

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user1524158879261, lol that's the laziest excuse I've heard someone make, but hey that counts a vote yeah. Well from the fingerprint concept, I really want to see that 'In Screen FP scanner' thing, but yeah, anything that's offbeat, simple and compliments the Nokian design legacy will do it for me.

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