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Oreo 8.1 TA-1033

Has anyone with the 2017 Nokia 6 TA-1033 received the Oreo 8.1 update?

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Got the updates yesterday too (on GiffGaff / O2).  Like buses!

24 hours and so far so good.  Music apps no longer cut out after 30 mins when on battery.  Battery usage seems considerably reduced.  May just be "clean car syndrome" but the phone feels a lot snappier and responsive.

Can't say I've noticed any change on the Dolby side - it still makes the lowest setting for notification sounds too loud - so it stays off.  And the stupid *loud* beep every time a call begins and ends is still there.

Worth the wait?  Currently, yes.  But there should not have been a wait.  Or at least not a wait with no comms from Nokia.  Please Nokia, if you're listening, take heed.

The proof of the pudding will be if / when the June update arrives I guess.

 Got them as Guy7 but I'm on Vodaphone. 30 minute bug fixed. Shame the Dolby problem is not. Keeping an eye on battery life! but otherwise OK.

Nokia should improve there communications if they want to maintain their customer base.

i updated my nokia 6 to oreo 8.1 and since den my ringer and notification volume is too low even though my volume is full while checking in sound settings. Wen i restart the phone the issue is silved fr a couple of minutes. I tried soft reset and safe mode too . Still same pblm. Is it due to some bugs in this new software version?

Yeah got it manually:




Make sure to factory reset after installing. I installed via Nokia Stock recovery and everything is fine for me.

All running fine. Just one tiny bug. When you. Change wallpaper, swiping from the left no longer works for Google. Either have to restart or switch the option off and on in settings.
8.1 now in Australia on Telstra network today at last!
Just received today 20/5/2018 in Australia model ta-1033. Update is 1848mb. Have not downloaded yet until I have WiFi as to not use my mobile data. It includes the march security patch.
Ya he corregido el error que mostraba actualización oreo, era la.velocidad de.mi memoria SD, la cambie y el celular se comporta excelente con TODAS las app
Have now done the update, everything seems to be running fine, am with aldi mobile here which runs off telstra, also got the April security update come through after doing the Oreo update.
Have updated my phone seems a bit faster, no major issues Dolby sound is louder so I only have it turned on when watching videos or music :-)
New camera app installed with upgrade, much faster when taking pic, no lag like previous camera app on nought.
Have now had chance to browse and read some articles and doesn't seem to be holding and lagging like on nought. Am very happy with the upgrade after the long wait. Also great to see can now display battery % and not have to rely on a app to do this.
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