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Problem with sound recurring occasionally

I bought Nokia 6 mobile last September.It was working fine till January.Then it showed a problem,there was no sound on call when in handset mode.Sound was alright on speaker mode.Also there was no sound for keypad tones and YouTube videos.I decided to show it to nearest Nokia service centre.But by the time I reached there phone became alright on its own, everything working fine now.Service people told that it could be some virus and if it repeats factory reset the phone and it will be alright.It was fine till one day in March.On that day the problem repeated as before.Additional observations were that phone was going to vibrate mode on its own.Even when I increased the volume,volume bar came on its own and reduced itself to vibrate.This time I factory reset the phone.But it didnt solve the issue.But after about 5-6 hours issue resolved on its own.This problem as it occurred the first time is recurring with varying frequency.Kindly help me with this issue.Each time the issue occurs it resolves on its own.But I don't want to neglect it as it may become a permanent issue and I don't want that to happen.
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Since no-one has replied as of now,I feel I am the first person having this problem.Anyway I am posting this reply so that it is helpful for someone in future.I took phone to Nokia service centre Trivandrum,kerala,india.The service centre by name access technologies at thycaud.They returned my phone on 2nd day.They said problem was with a part called main fpc.They have replaced it and now phone is working fine.This is just one day after I got back phone.Hope it stays good.Will update if anything new happens.Thanks for reading.
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