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Camera not Important For hmd


my english is bad - sorry for it

i big fan of nokia phones and today use lumia 1020 for primary and 808 pureview for secondary

camera very important for me and 1020 & 808 have best camera with biggest sensor in mobile history

unfortunately today not use big sensor camera in phones for thickness - is very very bad

today use small camera sensor with bad detail and low megapixel & unreal photo process with fake charm

hmd or new nokia never importance camera on his products

Camera not Important For hmd

and it proof on nokia 8 & sirocco & 7 plus with small sensor & bad process - nokia new products very weak in camera front other flagships phones and low score on dxo - is shame

huawei ridicule nokia (hmd) with his phone with 40 megapixel camera & big sensor and nokia (hmd) is sleep !!!

hmd not brave and not befitting of nokia brand

i hope someday see nokia phone with big camera sensor like 808 & 1020 - hmd not forgotten nokia origin


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Good points and I think we'd all like to see a show-stopper camera from HMD/Nokia.

However, DxO scores aren't everything - have you seen that scores DxO gave to the PureView cameras?

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