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Not able to hear the ringtone although the ring volume is at its max

My Nokia 6 ring volume is very low that I can't hear the ring at all. The ring volume is high still I can't hear it and when I play song in a the Play music app it's louder but when it's come to ring tone I can't even hear it. Please help me with this issue.

I think it is a bug or some kind of issue after the latest update There is a workaround to fix it -go to settings -select sound -select DOLBY surround sound and switch it off Now your ring volume will be high To Nokia I had contacted the customer support and they had asked to post it on the blog Hoping you will look into this issue on top priority
I have the same problem,but the dolby option in OFF isnt working..Please somebody halp me..is any manualy idea or just service..?
Tengo el mismo problema, ya intenté las opciones que dan los usuarios y servicio técnico y no funciona nada, lo único es apagar y prender el equipo cada que presenta el daño
Hi.. am using Nokia 7 plus, when ever I make calls I don't hear ring ...kindly help me out .
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