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Nokia - late or missing security updates

Australian owners of TA-1012s have not yet received the March or April security patches, despite this model having been updated overseas.

Researching this on-line reveled a number of recent reports of companies failing to release OTA updates. Nokia is on these lists.

This is obviously extremely disappointing, especially as Nokia has actively promoted regular updates as a selling point. It could be argued that this is false advertising and open to legal action in some countries.

Has anyone else experienced extremely late or missing security patches for Nokia products?

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Tech Wizard

After using HMD Nokia phones for over 6 months, I can tell the Nokia phones are among the first to receive the monthly updates or patches, They beat Google Pixel patches a couple of months ago!

Since these updates are not released simultaneously for all regions, expect a delay for the same.

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Funny I am a Nokia 5 user in the united kingdom on Android 8 and the April 2018 security update never happened.march, February, January updates happened as scheduled but I do hope the may one happens.
I have not had any security updates in 2018. They were regular until the December update 2017. Nokia 5 Australia. This is very disappointing to put it mildly.

Community Hero

There is definitely some inconsistency for the same model in different regions. Doesn't Elop now work for Telstra? Maybe that is why Nokia aren't giving you updates in Australia!

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