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Buggy Camera App

The Camera is very buggy. It doesn't save the first picture. and it lags frequently.  The phone is excellent in good lighting. But, it leans on low ISO/slow shutter speed even in good lighting which has an impact on sharpness. and low light photos has heavy noise reduction making it look very soft. 

Otherwise, the performance is stellar in comparison to other phone's in it's price range. It feels more like a camera in the 30K price range. but, would have loved OIS. 

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I've the same issue with my Camera App. It's got stuck when you click the shutter button or open gallery from camera app.

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Yes to all of this.

 talked to support, they're aware of it. I recommend everyone use the support app to complain

 if you talk to support, link the the three threads on the topic,

this one, the second:

and the third:

so they know this is problem effecting a lot of people

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Same here. Camera app freezes now and again. Hope it is a SW issue and gets sorted out in the near future.
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