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Equalizer in Google Play Music not working

The equalizer settings in google play music is not working. Changing the settings has no effect on the played music. 

Phone: Nokia 6.1

Android Version: 8.0.0

Security Patch Level: February 1, 2018

Play Music Version: v8.7.6773-1.A

Is there any other way to enable the equalizer? Plus is this issue confirmed?

Tech Wizard

Give this a try and let us know if it works -

I deleted the data and cache of the MusicFX. After starting up Google Play Music, the Equalizer Settings were resetted. Activating the equalizer again did not chance a thing. It still has no effect on the played music,

Tech Wizard

I'm using Nokia 5 and I did the same in 7.1.2, now using 8.1 and the equaliser option is working fine.. Check out other media player applications, like media monkey. You can change the equaliser there.

As Google Play Music is a Streaming Service, i cannot just use another media Player. 

Tech Wizard

Yes, i know how the equalizer looks. I can see and activate all the option. All im saying is: It does not matter which setting i change in the equalizer, the sound does not change. 

Event if you set a reverb you can't hear a change in the sound.

This is clearly broken on Nokia 6.1 and should be an official bug

Tech Wizard

You could try a different set of headphones. There is surely a difference when u change the Equalizer settings. To confirm this, check out media monkey media player.
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