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Oreo 8.0 any cons

I bought Nokia6 TA-1021 2 days it safe to update to Oreo 8.0 with Feb security patch or not???....Pls help me I m in great confusion

Hi, update Oreo 8 has the following issues: 1. Dolby sound problem. The sound is very loud and distorted. (the solution is to shut down Dolby) 2.Battery is much faster to discharge 3. During music playback, the player stops after about 30 minutes. If you are updating to Oreo 8.1, issue 1 is partially corrected, issue 2 persists, and issue 3 is fixed. I hope he will help you in deciding whether to go to Oreo.
Right now you really don't want 8.0 or 8.1 updates, you get a few, or more than a few, bugs without any real gain.
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