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Nokia 3 security update issues

Hi, so I have a Nokia 3 in UK (BT is the service provider) and the security patch is from 6 Nov. My mum has the same model, bought here in the UK at the same time but it's used in Sweden, she gets the updates regularly.

I tried a few times with the support on the mobile. The stop google play services, turn off location add VPN and try again and so on, but it doesn't work.

I was looking at a newer model but now... I don't think my money will go to Nokia as it is completely unreliable with the updates. Something that was a cornerstone in the marketing of the remake. Didn't turn out that good as I see a lot of regions have issues.

AND, nowhere to address this but on this forum and I'm not eagerly waiting for any resolve here.

Actually quite poor from Nokia.

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