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Hi, Good day! I am Nokia 8 user. And i want your help i was playing song and suddenly my nokia 8 speaker was buzzling sound and then sometimes buzzling low sounds and sadly i cant hear any sounds on my speaker please help how to fix this. PS: I never drop my phone. Just playing songs then suddenly happen that

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Can anyone answer this question? Because the same problem happened with me, which made me have to send my phone to the repair center. Is this a manufacturing problem or is the cause of wrong using?

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Hi. I have the exact same problem. But it has gotten worse. Now I can't hear any sound at all. Unless for some some weird reason, when I blow into the speaker. Nokia please fix this.

Me too but I think it just software problem it hardware problem!! cuz I try to use headphone and it ok, also I try to record VDO and mic is ok and lastly I have hard reset to solve it but it don't any help so I assume that it hardware problem  

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