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Hi, Good day! I am Nokia 8 user. And i want your help i was playing song and suddenly my nokia 8 speaker was buzzling sound and then sometimes buzzling low sounds and sadly i cant hear any sounds on my speaker please help how to fix this. PS: I never drop my phone. Just playing songs then suddenly happen that

Can anyone answer this question? Because the same problem happened with me, which made me have to send my phone to the repair center. Is this a manufacturing problem or is the cause of wrong using?
Hi. I have the exact same problem. But it has gotten worse. Now I can't hear any sound at all. Unless for some some weird reason, when I blow into the speaker. Nokia please fix this.

Me too but I think it just software problem it hardware problem!! cuz I try to use headphone and it ok, also I try to record VDO and mic is ok and lastly I have hard reset to solve it but it don't any help so I assume that it hardware problem  

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