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Ringer volume decrease

I am facing a issue in phone ringtone and all notification ringtones.the day I updated to 8.1 ringer volume decreases then I reset the phone and problem solved yesterday again I updated the phone again same issue started

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Ik have the same probleem, verry disturbing. Also often is the volume tot maximum without touching it ?? ...

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У меня такая же проблема после обновления до 8.1. На работоспособность телефона в целом не влияет, но не приятно когда практически не слышно мелодию входящего вызова. Из-за этого можно пропустить важный звонок.

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I too have the same issue. This is really irritating. Reboot fixes the issue temporarily. Reset solves for couple of days. Issue reoccurs. All this started after upgrading to 8.1. I checked several forums . Not seeing fix anywhere.

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Nokia is very poor no upgradation in themes colours Ringer become worse Camera is too poor No bhookhe effect or portrait mode Even no front camera flash very poor phone one should avoid it
Unable dobly sound, solved the problem for me. Using nokia6

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