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update nokia 6 to android 8.1 stuck at nokia welcome screen

I tried to update my nokia 6 from android 8 to android 8.1 (with 2018-03 patch). The phone rebooted to nokia welcome screen but not doing anything further for more than 1 hour. I'm not sure if I should wait longer or hard reset it.

Any advice? 

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cmo atualizar nokia 6,1 ta - 1054 para o android 8.1?

It is still better than me :) I have Nokia 6 TA-1000 and HMD don't want give me ANY update!!! Last update I got is from 1 may 2017. Every time I click "check updates" it says that my phone is up to date. HMD owners support is not exist... This od not old, good Nokia which cared about updates for owners. I would be more happy with updated Symbian 3.0 than Android 7.1.1 without updates.
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