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FM Radio missing!

Not again HMD!

No FM radio in Nokia 7+! Are you totally insane??

If you just give me one good reason.....

But nokia 6.1 has FM radio......I would really like to hear the official explanation for 7+.....

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Hope they release an update and enable it.

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People still use fm? Around here the whole fm have shut down and it is only dab is available. Wish it had a dab+ radio. 

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Some country don't want to dich FM, DAB+ is superior but not widely available.
What makes this worse is that almost all sites list FM radio as a feature. Heck, even lists FM radio as a feature... So I'm really disappointed now.

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I wasn't expecting to have radio on phone now days. I wasn't aware of radio until I read phone arena specs. So does this phone have FM radio, which can be enabled via sofware update ? If so I would love to see that feature on future.

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Me too need FM in india

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