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FM Radio missing!

Not again HMD!

No FM radio in Nokia 7+! Are you totally insane??

If you just give me one good reason.....

But nokia 6.1 has FM radio......I would really like to hear the official explanation for 7+.....

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Hope they release an update and enable it.

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People still use fm? Around here the whole fm have shut down and it is only dab is available. Wish it had a dab+ radio. 

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Some country don't want to dich FM, DAB+ is superior but not widely available.

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What makes this worse is that almost all sites list FM radio as a feature. Heck, even lists FM radio as a feature... So I'm really disappointed now.

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I wasn't expecting to have radio on phone now days. I wasn't aware of radio until I read phone arena specs. So does this phone have FM radio, which can be enabled via sofware update ? If so I would love to see that feature on future.

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Me too need FM in india

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Nokia please clarify the hardware support for FM radio.
Recapturing market without being generous in terms of dedicated memory card slot and FM radio is highly unwise planning from Nokia. No learning from past.

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Please add the fm radio app in the next monthly security patch / update as soon as possible
Even Nokia 6.1 has the app along side which the 7 plus was released so please add to app asap

I need the native FM Radio built-in for Nokia 7 plus.

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