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Strava activity crashing after 30 minutes

Hello - I'm a long time user of Strava and moved to the Nokia 6 2017 earlier this year. Ever since the 8.1 update, Strava will crash on my morning bike commute to work, at about the 30 min mark. I looked at a crash dump and can see the com.evenwell.powersaving.g3 pid looks like it is force closing the Strava process when this occurs. I've set the Strava app to not be battery optimized but this still seems to occur. So, is this a Nokia/Oreo issue or a Strava issue? Any others experiencing anything similar?

It's a Nokia issue, many people have the same problem, myself included. For some reason new update makes your phone kill running apps (for example players) after 30-40 mins of screen being inactive, but the solution is to install Wake Lock - PowerManager and put it into Partial_wake_lock, after doing so you should have no problems with your Strava crashing.

I do not think the problem is in Nokia, but Google. Although I personally do not have a problem with the running applications in the background where I have them in the list: Settings - Battery - Background Activity Manager - enable blacklist - Here I have a unmarked application that I want to run in the background. It has 12 apps and they run smoothly in the background. And I listen to music for 4 hours. But as I read on the forum I'm probably only :(

Yea, you're one of the lucky ones i guess, user1516223184033. I went though all the settings in phone, nothing helped, but user1515303135223 is welcome to try this method as well.

 I've had the same problems on Android 8.0.0 on the new Nokia 7 Plus. My brother has also had the issue on his Nokia 8 - Android 8.1. The problems seems to be with the builtin PowerSaverG3 app: com.evenwell.powersaving.g3

Hopefully Nokia do something about this app

No, you are not alone. 

I'm a developer of an app and i'm facing the same problem on my Nokia 7 plus. My app is killed after 30-40 minutes, even when it's whitlisted on the phone. Also some of our users reported the same behavior. Only on nokia phones.

Same problem on a Nokia 6.1 (TA-1043) with Android 8.1.0 (with May 2018 security patches).

Similar problem here, Nokia 6.1, Oreo 8.1.0 May 2018 patches. Strava killed off every 30-40 minutes, even with disabled battery optimisation and whitelisted to run in the background.

This old bloke is having the same problem with Strava on my new Nokia 7+ with 8.1 and June security updates.

Is Nokia doing anything to fix the problem. Strava Support tell me that it is a Nokia problem and that they have been on to Nokia to rectify the problem. It is disappointing that Nokia don't appear to have done anything about it yet.

Maybe I will have to return my phone, get a refund and by a Motorola.


I have the same issue since 8 update. Can Nokia please fix this one. I use strava every day and may have to get a different phone, which i dont want to do as i like the nokia 6. Thanks 

OP here ... my phone recently installed the July patch so I thought I would give Strava another try. Nope, died at about 30 minutes just like when I first opened this ticket. I have since moved back to my older phone, a Moto running Nougat, that does not have this problem. I praised Nokia when I first bought the Nokia 6, but I have become very frustrated that I can no longer use the phone to do what my other phone handles correctly. I am holding out hope that Android P might be the fix we need - but who knows if that will be true.

Is there any indication anywhere that Nokia is aware of the problem and trying to resolve it, or do they just not care.

Some of our users reported that disabling the powersaver helped.

Go to Settings -> Apps -> All Apps -> three little dots on the top -> Show system.

Look for "com.evenwell.powersaving.g3.overlay.base.s600ww" and deactivate it. Maybe this helps for now.

In our app we have implemented a workaround for this, but i hope that Nokia will fix this issue soon!

user1525840365956, deactivating evenwell powersaving overlay didn't work for me, Strava still stopped recording after about half an hour or so. Time for Nokia to step up and fix the problem.

I am using Nokia 8 Sirocco phone (TA-1005) Android 8.1.0
Strava stops recording at every ride. I loose distance and get low average speed.

 All the attempts to improve the settings (battery, GPS) were unsuccessful.


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