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Strava stops recording

Ever since I have bought my Nokia 7 Plus the Strava app doesn't work properly.

When i leave home to go for a ride I start recording and lock the screen.

When i get back 2 hours later and look to finish the recording the Strava app has stopped running. The notification (which says recording) is gone, and the app isn loaded in the phone's memory anymore. Opening the app also doesn't show that the app continued recording. Only when i hit the record button again, I see that Strava stopped recording about 1 hour into the ride.

I have disabled the battery saving black list, and I have included Strava on the list of apps that should not be 'battery optimized'.

Does anyone have any idea what could be going on?

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Same here, and I also removed the app optimization

It helps to first start GPX recorder (link here) and then start Strava. If I use both apps together Strave isn't stopped by my phone.

 I've had this issue on every phone I've ever owned. I don't put this down to a Nokia problem.

Well, actually I had this problem only with Nokia, but I found a very simple solution: Install this app: While running Strava, also run this app along, by setting it to PARTIAL_WAKE_LOCK Let me know if that works for you, also

I'm also having this problem with my new Nokia 7+. If Nokia can't fix it I'll have to take the phone back and get a refund.


Tech Wizard

Before discarding it, I suggest a factory reset and set up the phone fresh. Do not restore any backup, and let it update all built-in apps before installing third party apps. I use Sports-Tracker without issues, without making adjustments to anything in Android or the app.

user389, thanks for the suggestion but I'm not sure it would help, I've only had the phone a few weeks. Besides, I'm still setting it up and the last thing I want to have to do is do it all again.

Yes, apparently Nokia fixed the Spotify problem and other apps, like Endomondo, work, but that doesn't solve the Strava problem which Nokia needs to fix.

Tech Wizard

- You could try if Sports Tracker works on your phone, or not?

When all is well, workouts can be paused for hours without Android killing the app, even if ST use Android 4.4 API's for backwards compatibility.

A factory reset and fresh setup of the phone was the cure for both my Nokia 6 and Nokia 8 when apps behaved erratic after updates to the Android OS.


Thanks Hans, but, in my case it is a new phone, system updates were all done before Strava was installed so I can't see how doing it all again is going to make a difference.

Sports Tracker may well work, but that doesn't help with getting Strava to work properly.


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From another thread I was pointed to the Wake Lock app, setting a partial_wakelock before starting Strava or Glympse fixes the problem for now. Hopefully, a proper solution will come, eventually.

I have used the app with the screen always on, the battery goes down, but strava works fine

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