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Nokia 6 TA-1025 phone got bricked after the OTA system update Oreo 8.1

 Nokia 6 TA-1025 phone got bricked after the OTA system update Oreo 8.1

Please help just got this phone tow months back.

I tried the power button and volume button (+ and - ) nothing is working all I get a message is.

I get message something like this and the phone does not start please help.

Has your phone ever been rooted.

and says there cloud be system instability

malware/virus/privacy likeage

Tech Wizard

Take it to the nearest Nokia Care service center.

 I bought this phone in Best buy USA, as phone is only bought a month ago 12-March-2018 , I hope the factory warranty of the phone should cover it. Does Best Buy will replace the phone.

Best buy directed to contact nokia custome care and check for manufacturer warranty. There is no customer care number to call. And not sure what response they are going give when contacted in email. And how long they take. What bad decision to buy nokia should have bought samsung of apple even if cost more is not worth to purchase nokia and go over all this pain..

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@Ram12345 Did you actually contact HMD/Nokia or did you complain about their customer service without actually trying it?

Also, if you could write the exact text of the message you get on screen it would be helpful.

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