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Small issue about Volume and Power buttons

Hello guys,
First of all, I have to say sorry for my bad English.

Recently, I' ve noticed a small issue on my Nokia 6. The Power and Volume Buttons is "fitted loosely" to the Phone's body. Which means there are quite large "gaps" between those buttons and the body, you can see the light from LCD screen quite clearly through those "gaps", and when you touch the buttons, they "shake" a little bit

I wonder if only my phone have this issue or it's the same on all other Nokia 6-s?

Thank you guys so much. Sorry again for my English.

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Hey there,

I just bought a nokia 6 yesterday and that was the first thing that irritates me about the device. It really ruins the durability feel of the phone and i am surprized that no one didn't come here to tell about that issue before me.

Just a normal issue man . But you shouldn't put this device in water anyway
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