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Disable Android One startup sound ?


I cannot find out how to disable the Android One boot sound.

Does somebody know how to do it ?

Thanks for answers.

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I too have this problem. The volume of the start up sound does not honour any volume or sound settings with the device settings; volume, do not disturb, vibrate only - no effect, startup chime is full volume. I turn on the phone early in the morning and move quietly around the house as to no disturb household, then I turn my phone on. Fanfare! So at home I have smother the phone with a pillow? At work I'll have to put the phone in a drawer as it reboots? Please allow users to disable this
When Nokia logo shows up just push volume down button a couple times and it will mute the sound. It works for me.

Pressing the volume down button had no affect on my 7 Plus. The phone vibrated, as if the key presses registered, the display dimmed a little and I still got the full volume chime. In fact, doing so reset the home button (it asked which launcher I preferred). MANUALLY setting to do not disturb stopped the chime (a valid workaround). I suspect I will adjust my auto do no disturb hours to include the time up to when I leave my house in the morning, and manually remove DND when the phone is running.

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