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Volume Issue

N6 (2017) is having issue with ringer volume. I was expecting that it should be fixed with April update.but it didn't. Kindly provide a fix for this. Sound Volume was better in 8.0 than 8.1. Dolby Atmos was good in 8.0 but in 8.1 it's not much upto the mark.. Kindly provide a fix for better sound

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When Nokia will going to fixed this ringer Volume bug issue in Andriod 8.1... and every day i m getting notification for upgrading but i m not doing it . 8.0 is much better then 8.1 Oreo Andriod version.

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Since I get Oreo 8.1 I never suffered of this volume notification but, strangely, it showed up yesterday after a restart of the phone I made for a problem to the launcher I use. I'm still on march update, so nothing has changed before and after that restart, so I really can't understand.. Honestly even keeping the volume at the minimum is absolutely embarrassing to get messages or calls in the crowd, people turns looking at me in a range of 10 meters. Ridiculous. Please fix it as fast as you can because I don't want to be forced to use my phone in silent mode with only vibration on. And no, I don't want to spent 4 hours to fix everything on the phone after an hard reset or something, with the real possibility that the bug will be still there. Just fix the problem.

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But i could not understand that this issue is being facing by many customers from long time and don't know why Nokia team is not fixing this issue... Any one from Nokia team can u pls update till when this issue or bug will fixed it?

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