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Phone Goes Unresponsive and Blacks Out

Hi all,

Using Android Nougat 7.1.1

I dont know whether somebody out there also encountered this problem, yet I am curious to know.

I have this problem, occurred about few times during my usage. The last time problem occurred is when I plugged the device to charge and then I went to power button and pressed it; Nothing seems to happen; No home screen but the device is unresponsive and black out. I tried removing charger and pressing the power button again and nothing seems to happen. So as I did in the earlier encounters, I left the phone and in few minutes time it restarts and the device is black to normal.

This happens not only during the phone is in charge mode, but there are other instance too. But mostly when its being plugged to the charge.

Thank You,

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yes I know this Problem, too. It came after system update. Till now it happend only once.

Best regards

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