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Nokia 5 very slow

Since last friday my Nokia 5 is very slow. My apps opens very slow, or lacks. Sometimes i get a message that the app is not responding, and i should close the app or wait...until then the Nokia 5 works very fine and fast. The update to android 8.1 didn't help to solve this problem. Maybe someone knows this problem and can help ?

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Tech Wizard

8.1 Oreo works just fine for me.

I suggest you do a refresh / do a factory reset in that case.

I have the same problem almost since day 1...

Android 7 -> Update to 8.0 -> Update to 8.1


After a reboot it's "fine" (if i can call it that!)

Few hours later, the use it's almost UNBEARABLE!

Damn you nokia...

I think i will return this...

Well built, for SURE! Then again... 1 minute to try to make a simple CALL???????

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