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I'm Going to take a chance and Buy an International 7 Plus

It looks like the 7 Plus is capable of Band 2 1900 Mhz connectivity which is an AT&T LTE band, so I think I'll take a chance and buy the phone is see what happens.  I was prepared to get the 6 (2018), but it seems Nokia is only going to make the 3GB ram/32GB phone available in the U.S.  I understand Nokia has a plan for the phone markets they want to focus on, but dang it, I've got my heart set on a Nokia.  I love my Nokia Lumia 930, and want to stick with these fine phones.  Has anyone else in the U.S. taken the chance  on an international release?  I'll let you know how this works out for me.....

If I were you Id be carefull.If uou buy from China you may end up with a device with a custom Rom and no Android one updates. You should probably buy from Europe,but uou will maybe need a sdapter for the charger

I am seriously considering this myself. Buying from Ebay or from Amazon. I love Nokia phones and though I am using my Alcatel phone right now, I am still going back to my 1520. My only concern is that I might get dud fake phone. I got one previously (not Nokia), said it was Android 5.1 but none of the apps I was familiar with worked. I am waiting to see if anyone else will take the plunge. Over $400 is still serious money.

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