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Possible phone breaking bug in video editor?

Today I took a video, tried to edit it shorter and when I pressed "save", video editor froze. After waiting couple of minutes, I tried to cose the editor, but instead got into situation where left half of the screen was showing that frozen editor and right half was working normally. After few seconds the whole screen started to go darker with all colors turning into yellow/brown, and now its just black with screen light flickering on and off. 

Power button does nothing when kept pressed. I got the phone to respond by kepping both volume up and power button down, after some seconds it played the nokia theme that plays when the phone is turned on, but the screen is still blank.

Now im waiting for the battery to die to get an actual boot.

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Hi there. I'm afraid to say that this sounds like it your problem could be the same hardware as the one reported here: and which several users are suffering with, and which Nokia seem to be completely ignoring

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