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Over heating issue after 8.1 version update

Temperature is increasing as we use 20 mins video stream continuously.

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If I see in device monitor it is showing 46` C...

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Some web video streaming sites have cryptocurrency miners embedded in them, or adverts from highly untrustworthy as networks. In either case, that extra garbage on the page can generate extreme CPU usage, pushing the phone up to the point where it's overheat protection kicks in. Do you get extreme heat in other circumstances, such as with YouTube, or Netflix? If it is only the random web streaming sites, then it is the individual sites abusing your CPU.
This I observed while using Facebook from chrome.. even if I play games of 15 to 20 mins I feel more heat.. in device monitor it shows above 45.. and if you leave phone idle of 5 to 10 mins it will reduce heat.
Yes Me too having same issue. More than 15 min of video streaming, be it you tube or any other movie app, device gets hot. Temp usually goes beyond 47 degrees celcius.
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