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Pre order and free google home mini

So its been widely reported that those who buy a nokia 7+ in May Will get a free google home mini There is no mention of this on Nokia website,Is this even true then,because surely they would state the offer to attract custom. Ive read also reports that you will get a code to redeem the offer once you receive uour 7+ What is the situation wiith this offer.If you preorder before May are you included, So many questions ??

I did a bit of digging and found some info.Yes you can claim the home mini by using your phones emei number after the 2nd of May: Full terms and conditions here: https://www.nokia.com/en_gb/phones/googlehomemini

I read that page too. But it talks about Nokia 7 Plus phones bought from selected retailers and promotion valid for UK residents only. I live in UK but I am buying the phone from Amazon EU Sarl: are the phones coming from them eligible for the promotion or should I buy it from the Nokia Store and/or some other physical UK store?

I would buy from Nokia UK or a UK retailer seen as the promotion is based on the imei number of the phone which they will be able to link as being bought in the UK.The promotion is only open to the UK and Ireland so an eu phone won't be redeemable

Yeah...sometimes Amazon makes strange things with orders. I cancelled my previous order (Amazon will refund) and in the meantime I ordered one from the Nokia Store...thanks!


Did anyone got his IMEI as valid on the site?

I think Amazon should be a valid retailer and there is an issue with Nokia site that would not recognize the IMEI.

I have bought my phone from Uk retailer and my IMEI its not valid.

 Is this working for anyone?

If you brought from a UK retailer and your emei not working I would be questioning whether you got a UK model. I noticed some retailers were merely importing phones from Europe and selling them on. A clear sign would be no UK plug  

I think there is an issue with the website, as it does not say it has to be from uk retailers, it says approved. Address should be UK or Ireland. Also one tech support confirmed I should be eligible.

 Bought a 7 plus from UK Amazon & just had my IMEI accepted. So it works for some at least...

Thank you for the update. I bought mine from Amazon Germany. Ah well ...
Is your model 1046 or 1055?


Why only for UK users and not the netherlands.

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