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Very bad experience..

Dear all .. don't buy Nokia products ,. I'm a victim and I'm going to consumer court very soon,.. u cannot use any voice recording software even wattsup voice messages and smule which are been using billions of people .. I can use that apps on a 5000rupees phone but not in a phone worth 29000 rupees that is funny...... My first Nokia 8 replaced by the company because of the problem and the new one also showing the same issue ... Now they saying that third party apps may have problems .... I'm not that rich to buy another phone to use those apps ,.. So I'm going to consumer court very soon .. .

and yet many, many others are highly delighted.

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I also tried lot of free applications available in play for recording voice and Voice calls no use...later buyed paid application seems not good... actually if you observe Nokia forum there was a lot of compliments... Customer service could not even give proper response...

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