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Blue tooth connection keeps on interrupting


got my 7 plus now for 3 weeks, and i was quit pleased with it, but at the moment I suffer a problem with the Blue Tooth conection.

when connected to a bose Sound link, or FM transmitter, the connection fails every 30 to 6 seconds for 1 to 3 seconds,

this results in interuptions in songs plaing at that moment.

when I use my old Iphone I have no problem, and all works perfect.

what can I do to get the BT connection stable, it keeps on going, it is not onece or twice, but all the time.

and is getting very irritating. i'm not able to play any music over the BT connection.

wich results in using my old Iphone for that now and the nokia 7 plus  lying next to it.


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yoo found it, too easy, just there is a posibilety to reset bt , wifi and mobile data conections, for now it solved the problem, no more interruptions.
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