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Nokia OVI Suit

Hy, I had synchronized all my messages, photos and contacts with suit. Due to some problem with my laptop windows 7, now I had installed new windows 10, but I forget to take backup of messages and contacts etc. Now I had lost all of my contacts and messages. please tell me is there any way to restore that data??? That is very important to me.

Tech Wizard

IF you had updated / upgraded to Windows 10 from windows 7, it would be available on your PC.

Check the documents>Ovi suite path.

If you did a clean / Fresh install of Windows 10 and choose to delete all the files. Then it is unlikely u can recover the data.

IF you have the Symbian Nokia phone, u could probably try and create a fresh backup.

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I installed new windows and format my all drives and make new partitions. What can i do now???

Tech Wizard

Without the phone or a backup elsewhere there is nothing you can do.

Nokia users were encouraged to create a Microsoft account and transfer contacts and more from Nokia Suite to Skydrive (now Onedrive), so the data was ready in the cloud when we bought a Nokia Windows Phone, 5 years ago...

- Did you do that at the time?

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