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Face unlock features

Hi..I purchased a nokia6.1 last week but it doesn't have face unlock features which has clearly mentioned in the please let me know wheather it's a fake promised or it will coming in next security updates.. Regards, Narayan Das

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I think u should go to setting and look for security and location. Then find smartlock. U will find it there. I think face unlock feature does not like huawei and oppo feature which when screen off it will open it and go to home appearance. Im a bit dissapointed in Nokua face unlock feature.. You can try anyway.

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Thank you...for your reply.But in Nokia 6.1(2018) still it's not option for face unlock..pls suggest what to do..
Yes I also don't have this face unlock feature. And even the gesture controls in plqce of navigation are also not present, I have seen this feature in many YouTube videos even but in my phone there is no such option to activate the gestures i.e. swipe up from middle or left or right.

Hi there. If you go to smart unlock in the settings, thee you can setup the face recognition. It does unlock the screen if recognise your face, but still you have to manually swipe up the lockscreen, just not asking for password. When it recognise your face the little lock symbol in the bottom middle "opens up" and then you can swipe up the screen without password. I hope it helped, do not expect same like Face ID, but still useful.

But that face I'd option is not available in my phone in smart lock it only shows 4 options instead of 5.

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Exactly same issue on my phone also..I believe may be in the next update Nokia will full fill his promise.

 Hey. I got a method to get the option.

Install this framework by google.

Its verified. Don't worry about viruses or anything.

I think the stock 8.1.0 doesn't have this framework installed built-in.

After installation check the Smart Lock option. You should see the Trusted face option.

It works on my Nokia 6.1

i have purchased nokia 6.1 few days back, today i got an update with face lock.

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