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April 2018 Security Patch

Hi.. im using Nokia 2017 Ta-1021. I haven't received April 2018 patch eventhough now almost end of month. If asked me check with network provider, Nokia 2 and Nokia 3 my friend use already has April patch and we using same network provider.. is it me only or any other also not receiving April patch. My last patch is March that come with 8.1 update. I tried every thing include change network provider and also factory data reset but still not result.

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TA-1021 của tôi cũng vậy!
I haven't got the April security patch yet. I've asked Nokia support and they've said that: "We are facing this issue, it is a software issue , but we are working on it. so we hope you will get it by the end of this month. It's an issue from the Android 8". They've also said that we may directly get the may Security Patch.
Emaz.. from what your conversation with Nokia Support mean that we will get it at May and not this month.. 2 month late from what they promise. I think it will be end of May like now end of April still not receiving the update.
Finaly receive April 2018 security patches this late evening.. nice work eventhough late

I confirm today that I received a security patch April.

Mean that today global release patch our Nokia model.. Alway expecting early release bcoz that the reason we buy nokia phone.. ^_^

Today I received the security patch April 2018 (Oreo 8.1) for the TA-1021 via OTA. It's going very well

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