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Bluetooth high battery drain

Bought this phone new for my wife. It is very snappy considering the weak chooser and I quite like it, but the Bluetooth drains the battery a lot. The phone updated automatically the day I bought it (5th march patch 7.1.1). Wife said battery drains to fast, so I checked out the usage. It looks as Bluetooth is responsible for about 43% of battery drain. Battery right now is 28% after 13h standby and 2h SOT. This is just huge drain... Will try to turn Bluetooth off, as it's only use is to connect with a smart bracelet. My phone and wife's previous phone only showed about 2-3% battery drain for Bluetooth, in same conditions. Also, why is there no battery procentage shown and why no double tap to wake?

It does not show you the status of Bluetooth battery because the Nokia occupy pure android and that function brings android oreo 8.1 that shortly you will receive this device, and the double touch to turn on only come on device with an android that has a layer of personalization

 Just disabled Bluetooth and wife was very happy with the improved battery life. Recently received Oreo and haven't tried enabling bluetooth again yet...

There are some bugs with Oreo, btw, like proximity sensor not working well. After talking, the screen stays off apparently and call can't be ended

It's great to hear that !, The sensor may be because it stays dirty after the flame to me then happens to me by accident And if this version of oreo has certain flaws we still hope that Nokia will solve them soon :D
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