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Where is Android 8.1??

Just bought my Nokia 8 Sirocco and was excited to have the top flagship Nokia Android device. It's surely an upgrade from my previous Nokia 8. However my excitement just stopped and died the moment I realized that the latest update is Android 8.0 on the February patch!! Not sure what's going on but it doesn't make sense. My Nokia 8 is already on 8.1 and has the April patch.. but my Nokia 8 Sirocco doesn't ?!?! Is anyone else getting this? Is there a fix? The whole idea I bought into the Nokia ecosystem was for it's quick fast monthly updates.. but this kills it. I really hope my purchase didn't go to waste..

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Hi, I am in Hong Kong and have the same problem with the Nokia 8 Sirocco - Android 8.0 and February security patch. I have tried the chat line and was told these updates and patches were country and network provider dependent. When I told them this is not as promised I was asked to wait a few more days. 

I am curious if anyone in Hong Kong eith either the Nokia 8 or the 8 Sirocco and has received the update to 8.1 and the latest patch - if so please let me know the mobile company you are using?

Причина в том что у вас не глабальная версия устройства . Первые продажу начал Китай и в итоге там нет глобальной прошивки и из-за этого у вас и проблемы с обновлением! Лично я жду глобальную версию , чтобы избежать данной ситуации !

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Thanks for explanation, I will check with Nokia and see what they say: "The reason is that you do not have a global version of the device. The first sale began in China and as a result there is no global firmware and because of this you have a problem with the update! Personally, I'm waiting for the global version to avoid this situation!"

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 Same here no 8.1... 

I do not have 8.1. When it will be?

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As I remember, there was a promise oft monthly updates. In my old Nokia 6 I got an 8.1 with actual Update, in my Brand New 8 Siroocco a February and no more? Sorry, but I'm a little surprized and des, disapointed...

 Nokia Mobile Care


Thank you for contacting Nokia Mobile Care,


We have released the Android 8,1 for Nokia 8 – given the global reach of Nokia phones, it sometimes takes some time for the updates to reach everyone.

So please try to connect to different wifi connections and try to search for the Update from time to time.


Regarding your inquiry, it is is good to know that your Nokia 8 Sirocco device should be able to update to Android 8,1, once it is available. Also It is good to know that updates are released at different dates in order

not to overload the network and when there is an available update you would receive a notification.


Best regards,

Nokia Mobile Care



Replying to the above reply from Nokia Mobile Care, I still feel that is not good enough of a reply. I mean monthly updates to the latest patch is practically one of Nokia's main selling points of buying their latest phones. The fact that it's STILL on the February patch, let alone on the 8.0, is simply unacceptable. I mean at least give me an April patch on 8.0! 

Further to that, my previous Nokia 8 I purchased has the April patch on 8.1 and I've been using the same networks here in Bahrain. 

On top of that, I just checked out the new Nokia 7 Plus that was launched at the electronics store, and I checked there whether it was on 8.1... and it was on 8.1!! ??? 

So WHY does my Nokia 8 Sirocco, the current Flagship phone of Nokia stuck in the past??! 

Seriously, I'm going to wait a couple of days more, maybe 2 weeks maximum, if I don't get the update then I will just sell the phone and use something else.. In this case, I might as well use the latest Huawei or Samsung phone that at least has newer patches than the February patch! 

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Hi, Thanks for the information I don't understand the suggestion that we need to try different wi-fi's, maybe different cell networks but why wi-fi's? I'll also be giving it a few days then I will be chasing up Nokia for a refund or a replacement phone - I suggest we all do the same.
How can some of the tests at 8.1 I'm staying is still only 8.0 with February security. My patience is beginning to lose weight.
My first Device updated to 8.1 while going through the setup process. Sadly I had to get a replacement because of connectivity issues with the USB port when listening to music. Now with the new device I'm also stuck with 8.0, unable to find the 8.1 update...
where is 8.1? China has already had 8.1, why HK has not?

Also in Germany, no updates are available. i contacted the support chat and they also said, it can take some time until the updates are available. i have tried it with different carrier simcards, also different wifis (no idea why they say it could be a issue with wifi...) couldn't change the issue. I've purchased my device a week ago, and i'm thinking about to give it back, because my Galaxy S9 is more up to date than the so well advertised Nokia... 

Hi, I have a question for user1524941181428, the person who updated on the first phone but not the replacement. Was the install process the same, for example did you set up the first phone as a new phones and on the replacement as a restore...or the same each time. Thanks
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