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Where is Android 8.1??

Just bought my Nokia 8 Sirocco and was excited to have the top flagship Nokia Android device. It's surely an upgrade from my previous Nokia 8. However my excitement just stopped and died the moment I realized that the latest update is Android 8.0 on the February patch!! Not sure what's going on but it doesn't make sense. My Nokia 8 is already on 8.1 and has the April patch.. but my Nokia 8 Sirocco doesn't ?!?! Is anyone else getting this? Is there a fix? The whole idea I bought into the Nokia ecosystem was for it's quick fast monthly updates.. but this kills it. I really hope my purchase didn't go to waste..

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Can someone remind me where the option is for choosing which of the 6 services you want displayed on the glance screen. Ive looked and looked and for the life of me can't find the option now my phone is on 8.1

It's no longer there.  You can choose a style but not whats shown except the option to show calendar, reminder and alarm info

I remain confused by the changes in the Glance Screen icons. If there are no notifications to report it seems to show a Cloud. Is that just a placeholder to indicate that the Cloud services will appear there? Also today there was a Newspaper page icon. I hunted high and low through the phone to find out what it was. Rebooted and it went back to the Cloud. But that Newspaper icon must have been something? Any ideas?

The cloud represents the weather. On my phone when I drag down the notifications bar there's a lower-priority grey notification with my local weather, like this:

I think that's what is appearing on the glance screen

I think that originates from the (low priority, grey) weather notification provided by Google Assistant.

Here it is on mine:


I think that's what is appearing on the Glance screen.

Aha. Yes, weather makes sense. Thanks. It must be just cloudy here all the time! Not seen it change, which is why I couldn't work it out. The Newspaper icon I think is related to the Google News app. but I've only seen that once, it stayed on all day, even after I opened every app. and looked for anything new, then only went after a reboot. So I'm guessing that is a bug.

Ah, I thought one of my posts was lost. I guess there's a moderation period if you include an image with your post.

Nokia sucks I wish I didn't even buy their fons ,cameras are worst I can't believe the Microsoft Lumia 950xl has a better camera than all Nokia flagships and it's a 3 year old device ,,Microsoft didn't kill the brand they didn't care for maintaining the software ,,,hmd is killing the brand with bad notorious late software updates and poor features ,,a zeiss branded camera that gets outshines by a fon that costs 1/2 the price ,,people bought Nokia fons for updates not koz they didn't factor the price ripoof ,,I have a Nokia 7 plus and Nokia 6.1 and the 6.1 is stuck on a software night mare thanks to may 2018 security patch plus version 2.22A software update ...and now I get Nokia 8 sirroco buyers also complain that a problem
June Security arrived here today. Sirocco bang up to date. UK SIM Free.

Mine's arrived too. It's following the same pattern as the 8, The updates will probably follow quite quickly now.

@user1520531743777 I think your spellchecker is broken.

My June Security update came today too. It's all looking good 

Does android fastboot reset tool work on Nikia 8 Sirocco>

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