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Can anyone tell me how much cashback wil b there in nokia 7 plus from icici it 10%or 5%..when wil b the cashback credited to my account..once i preorder m i able to cancel it or not..

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i think they have increased it to 10 % but u can avail this only by using your card in a stotre at pos...not valid for net banking....I am myself trying to confirm how to get 10% cashback,,,do u have any info

I orderd with my icici debit card from nokia site and they tell it is valid for 10% cashback but this phone does not come with ear code...this is a bit disappointment from nokia

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yup i was just talking to them...they said i will be eligible for the if i install kotak bank app on mobile and later open and activate a saving account by depositing 1000 in it, i will get 1 year insurance..the money could be later used for other purposes....also if u use airtel sim at first time and go for offer airtel is giving...u would also get that...that would be good if we could avail all the 3 offers..then it becomes a good buy
ear code..dint get it brother
If I pay using an ICICI debit card online, will i get the cashback? If yes, do i need to pay full 26k and then will receive the cashback after sometime?

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Hi, Can anyone confirm on the cashback process, how and when nokia is planning to give back.

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I inquired about it from the customer support. They said that the cashback would be credited only after the phone is delivered.

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I would ask you to read terms and condition for cash back from link. it clearly states that

The cashback will be credited in the eligible Cardholder's account by the Bank by Aug 15, 2018. Any queries/issues relating to cashback will be entertained by the Bank only till Sep 15, 2018.

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Anyone received the cashback by now?

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I made transaction using ICICI debit card but haven't received any cashback yet.

Today is 15th of August. Can anyone please confirm whether they received their cash back or not?
I can't check mine since I purchased with my friend's card.

Not yet

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I spoke with ICICI customer care on chat they replied - you will receive the cashback on or before August 31, 2018

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Did anyone purchase the device from official Nokia website & receive the cashback yet? If not & in such case, ICICI bank is simply not entertaining any queries for this.

When I contacted ICICI customer care, they said they are not aware of such offer, on ICICI website also I could only see their offers concern only for & not even though I could remember rather neatly that the offer was being displayed on official Nokia site at the time of purchase.

When contacted Nokia Customer Care, they told me that they will take my case with ICICI bank & will update me accordingly.

Furthermore, why the cashback credit date is getting postponed frequently? At first it was within 90 days since purchase made, then it was 15th August & now ICICI is saying it's 31st August?

I am extremely disappointed with both Nokia & ICICI for the way they are handling this issue.

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