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What is better Reduced Nokia 8 price or better UI ?? What is your say?

 I think, that Nokia 8 is great in terms of hardware and Looks. But the UI is not good and is pulling it down. I would have spent more money for NOKIA 8 if it's User Interface is more friendly for people.

I myself have switched to MI because of user-friendliness it offers by keeping very common things in mind.

For example - just try to forward a text message, data usage tweeks, call limits, SEARCHING CONTACT IN CONTACT LIST ( sometimes when i type a number, i do not see the contact name suggestion till i dial it, even if i have stored the name in contacts), Call history log.

There are four type of customers :

1.  The Callers (Business). Your phone is BAD for them.

2.  The E-MAILERS ( office work). Your phone is GOOD for them.

3.  The Gamers .  Your phone is Good for them.

I-Phone is the preferred by Business people. They have highest buying power. But they need better Looks with better UI.

Nokia is great in looks department but scores 3/10 in UI experience.

Dear NOKIA / HMD, nobody pays just for looks, user experience also earns customers and that too for a longer period.

Or you could simply install one of the many launchers available and make it look exactly how you want it to look and that look will then follow you and every future Android phone you own.

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I would say that the UI experience of the Nokia 8 is one of its best features. Everything is consistent and works as it should. There will always be issues when using any device but Nokia's decision to keep Android unadulterated was wise.
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