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I need a whether widget for Oreo

Hi: Someone knows of a whether widget that works in Oreo? Thanks, Alex

You don't specify what you are looking for in any detail. Google's "News & Weather" app has a basic weather widget. I can't remember if it's included as part of the supplied apps. Free and no ads. If that's insufficient, you need to specify the features that you are looking for.
Hi Murphy: I'm looking some weather widget that includes current weather conditions and temperature. The Google news & weather widget it's no working ok in my phone. I'm looking for an alternative. Thanks, Alex
I suggest having a look at "AccuWeather", "The Weather Channel", and "Weather Underground" on the Play Store. Google currently seem to use TWC. Those all have a variety of widgets. Alternatively, you might find something from your government's metrological office/service, or your regional and national TV stations.
I already tried those apps and it doesn't have widgets for Oreo. Alex
That's odd. I have all 3 of those installed on Oreo 8.0 right now, and they all have widgets which seem to work fine for me.
I have Oreo 8.1 Alex
The apps work fine. The problem are the widgets. Alex
I would be surprised if 8.1 breaks widgets that work ok on 8.0, but it's possible. The update servers still refuse to give me 8.1, so I'm unable to test them.
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