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Repair of display possible?

Hello Nokia staff. Unfortunately the "support" was unable to help again. So I am asking here. Please have a look at the attached image (it seems I cant attach images here. I will try further down this thread...). According to the support app I am well within warranty (phone is about 6 months old), However I seem to not have my receipt anymore. Can I bring it to a service Nokia center?




As you can see, I live in Thailand. This display is extremely disappointing.


and here is the support app's screenshot about my warranty:


Tech Wizard

The warranty is only valid in the country where you bought the phone, and only for phone variants intended for the particular country, and bought from official retailers, theoretically. The warranty does not cover mechanical or liquid damage and normal wear. (This does not like like normal wear to me).

In any case, you need to consult a technician for a hands-on evaluation. If there is an official Nokia service center nearby, that is worth a try in my opinion. Many things are possible when negotiating politely face-to-face.
A screen replacement should be relatively affordable in Thailand if they insist you have to pay.

I hope you get it sorted out.


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