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Nokia 7 plus cannot watch HD in Facebook.

Nokia 7 plus cannot watch HD in Facebook, only to watch 180p. I try to reset my phone but still not improvement. Plus Nokia team to follow up this problem.

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I just bought a Nokia 7 pus and I have the same problem! , in Facebook and also Instagram 
I hope we can find a solution 

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I had chatted with Nokia help support, no answer to response and couldn't solve problem. I think may be firmware problem. They should be test firmware first and then release to user. I am very disappointed for Nokia products .

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Up. Hoping for a fix on this, it's my only problem with this phone...

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Same issue here, very disappointed. Hope there'll be a fix soon.

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Yes! There is no resolution options (gear icon) in the lower right of the videos. Sometimes it has but only options are low reso or SD no HD setting at all. Hopefully it will be fixed by upcoming patch.

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