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Camera hang while using 3rd party apps

There is a problem in Nokia 6.1 3gb version. Phone usually hangs when camera is invoked in any of the third party apps. I've used multiple apps like Microsoft Office lens, CamScanner, Paytm Scan and phone hangs in all cases. In one of the instance, phone hangs so badly that even power button is not functional. Any idea if this is a known issue?

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Í am having the exact same problem on my Nokia 6.1, but it is also affecting the main camera app when I am not shooting in pro mode. When impress the shutter button the app just hangs and freezes

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Is there a way to get Nokia's attention to this? Some known issue on which Nokia is working.

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I also had main camera app freeze on me 2 or 3 times since i got the phone. Also it has trouble focusing when taking photos. It seems the camera app is a total mess at the moment, tried Open Camera from play store and it works without any issues.

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I'm having the exact same issues with the Pro Camera and third party apps. Can we please somehow get this across? Maybe Twitter message juho sarvikas en masse? It's really annoying.

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Out of curiosity which 3rd party apps do you have problems with?
Instagram mostly, but whatsapp is choppy too

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talked to support, they're aware of it. I recommend everyone use the support app to complain

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Got off support just now, they just gave me some generic answers and was totally pointless. Told me i am the first one to report such an issue.

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 if you talk to support, link the the three threads on the topic,

this one, the second:

and the third:

so they know this is problem effecting a lot of people

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