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Nokia 8 voice recording failure

Hello all,. I purchased Nokia 8 on February 13 th 2018 after a week of using I found the phone is not recording the voice properly , the problem was with apps like wattsup smule which are my most using apps and with other voice recording apps which downloaded from Google play store,when I contacted Nokia support they advised to visit the service centre, after giving the phone for service (26/3/2018) they couldn't able to rectify the problem I waited for 16 days but they were still not able to solve that, that was really disappointing and worst experience, after fighting with Nokia I managed to get a replacement with a brand new Nokia 8 on 12/4/2018, after receiving the new one I checked the phone with the same apps which has problems with my old phones (smule, wattsup voice etc..) and I was shocked because the new phone is showing the same issues as the old one, ... I called the Nokia person again and asked my to return my money back but they refused and now saying third party software may not work properly that is not Nokia's problem,. If Nokia considering popular apps like wattsup smule voice recorder etc are third party apps which cannot be used in their phones then I want my money back at any cost .... Now I'm going to give a petition in consumer court against the company,..... My Request to all people over there who is planning to buy a Nokia 8 phone is that do not waste your hard earned money on that ,.... Don't buy the Nokia 8 .... I have all the evidence with me ( bills of both phones , raciept from Nokia care, all the call recordings etc... )
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