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Oreo update hitting Europe

Finally the official release hits northern Europe (Sweden)

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can confirm, just updated mine

Vodafone, Romania

patch was about ~130 MB

Me too updated Vodafone,Greece... Thanks Nokia!
The only thing bothering me is that HMD didn't fix the camera bug, the camera shortcut (double tap power button) is still not working from locked screen.

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Ayer llegó a España. La beta 8.1, sabéis cuándo se lanzará, sí es el caso?
Android 8 available in Czech Republic too. So far I'm happy, performance improved, memory usage decreased, just missing night light...

Nice, oreo -)

1143.8mb update for me though, nokia 3 unlocked

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Tech Wizard

Yes @Notiz I am also suffering from the same camera bug. Glad you got the update. :)

When Indonesia Oreo ,,,
@San88 I do not know when the update hits Indonesia, sorry i can't give a better answer..
Confirm 29.04.2018 Android8,Bulgaria-Telenor.

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 Updated at the end of the month to Oreo. Country is Romania, phone is unlocked(not branded by any carrier)

also waiting in the UK .

Waiting oreo indonesia

@Dobby I had to use the VPN method in the UK to get my sim freeTA-1020 updated from 7.1.1 with an March security patch updated to 8.0.0 with the May security patch. Tbh it did give me a few issues with mobile data connectivity for a couple of days, but the device is now working great on Oreo in the UK.

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